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White Rose Transmission
  • Male
  • Amsterdam
  • Netherlands
  • indie / alternative / new wave
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White Rose Transmission commented on Frank Weyzig's group New music and project showroom!!
"check out this track 'Silent Air' from our latest live album release "Spinning Webs at Night".... order album on iTunes    "
Jul 23, 2011
White Rose Transmission joined Frank Weyzig's group

New music and project showroom!!

This is a place where you can post your new projects, whether it be new music, demo's, video-clips, or even post your entire music player... Go crazy and post your best stuff on the comment wall for everyone to see!
Jul 23, 2011
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Jul 1, 2011
White Rose Transmission is now friends with Robert Bielen, THE MARQUEES, Natalie Walker and 3 more
Apr 16, 2011
Jordan Reyne and White Rose Transmission are now friends
Mar 6, 2011
Shade Law left a comment for White Rose Transmission
"v❀¸.•*¨ƸӜƷ✿¸ ( `❀.¸ Have a Blessed`✿.¸ )¸¸Evening ♥"
Feb 23, 2011
ZiLT commented on White Rose Transmission's video

White Rose Transmission - Glittering Green

"Simply love the video, thanks for sharing :)"
Feb 22, 2011
Exile Pots left a comment for White Rose Transmission
"Hello and thank you very much for the add. I hope everything goes well with the new album release, AND with those gigs! Wishing you all the Best, and Cheers! - Exile :)"
Feb 21, 2011
Teo Kim Merlino commented on White Rose Transmission's video

White Rose Transmission - Lifeboat - 2008

"Love this video (Lifeboat) ...there is magic in here....:-)"
Feb 21, 2011
White Rose Transmission's video was featured

White Rose Transmission - Glittering Green - 2010

White Rose Transmission - Glittering Green - Music Video by Dorothée Meddens - with special thanks to the wonderful water nymphs, Jackelien, Ellen and Wendy ...
Feb 20, 2011
Shade Law left a comment for White Rose Transmission
"Oh sooooooo breathtaking love the Music Love!"
Feb 20, 2011
ZiLT left a comment for White Rose Transmission
"Dear White Rose Transmission, thank you very much for adding me. You know... the more i listen to your music, the more i get hooked  :) Many best wishes and good luck with the release of your album. Warm regards, Philo"
Feb 19, 2011
White Rose Transmission is now friends with Crimson City Romance, Nothing New Project and Rui de Freitas
Feb 19, 2011
Nothing New Project commented on White Rose Transmission's video

White Rose Transmission - Silent Air (live) - 2010

"Great performance indeed! Great big song, btw."
Feb 19, 2011
Shade Law commented on White Rose Transmission's video
Feb 9, 2011
The Other Side left a comment for White Rose Transmission
"Great sound, thank you"
Feb 5, 2011

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Info / Bio



a short history.....

White Rose Transmission started in1995 as a collaboration between Carlo van Putten (at that time vocalist of The Convent; now the singer of Dead Guitars) and Adrian Borland (frontman of english 80's cultband The Sound). WRT did two album releases with the input and help of different collaborating artists such as Marty Wilson Piper (The Church), Mark Burgess (The Chameleons) and Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls)....

After the sudden death of co-founder Adrian Borland in 1999, WRT came to a halt until 2006 when Carlo decided to pick up things again and released the songs he wrote together with his friend Rob Keijzer on the third WRT album "Bewitched and Bewilderd".

In 2008, Frank Weyzig (former guitarist of the original "Clan of Xymox" line-up and singer of "Born For Bliss") stepped in to join the band for some live appearances on stage. In 2009 Carlo, Rob and Frank worked together to finish the final recordings for the fourth WRT album "Spiders in the Mind Web". Release date: April 30 - 2010. label: Echozone

White Rose Transmission

White Rose Transmission: (left to right)

Carlo van Putten: vocals
Frank Weyzig: guitars - keyboards - bass - programming
Rob Keijzer: guitars


Spiders in the Mind Web
release date: October 20 - 2010

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About the Album.....

After the sudden death of Adrian Borland White Rose Transmission seemed to be doomed as being history, but Carlo carried on a few years later with his good friend Rob Keijzer on board. Together they recorded a collection of acoustic idea’s and stripped down these songs to the bare basics, which resulted in the third WRT album ‘Bewitched & Bewildered’ in 2006……

For the next album Rob got in touch with Frank Weyzig, a long time friend and songwriter, known for his work with ‘Clan of Xymox’ and ‘Born for Bliss’. Maybe coincidence, or just faith but Frank was also a huge Adrian Borland fan himself and liked the idea of working together with Rob and Carlo on a follow up album for White Rose Transmission.

Already after a first session in Frank’s studio in Amsterdam, they immediately knew that there was some magic going on! Slowly but gradually the project evolved into something really solid. During one of these sessions Frank worked on an old Adrian Borland recording and built a complete new arrangement around Adrian’s original vocal. Talking about magic! The result of this is a mesmerizing version of Adrian’s epic song ‘Foreign land’… From that moment on the complete album was getting shaped automatically, almost as if the project was being guided by an invisible hand……

Spiders in The Mind Web is already being marked by insiders as an intruiging and timeless document&183; A concept album with no beginning and without an end. White Rose Transmission will keep your ears captured in a translucant and sometimes surreal musical environment, with music influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Jeff Buckley and beyond....

So yes, you better buckle up and prepare yourself for a trip into the Mind Web......

in the studio


Read the latest reviews about "Spiders in the Mind Web".

Chain D.L.K - webzine
by Vito Camarretta
October 08 - 2010

The ghostly darkness evoked by the fourth release of the White Rose Transmission, a project where the glittering creative wit and whimsical poetry by Carlo Von Putten (member of Dead Guitars) and Adrian Borland, the late lamented soul of The Sound whose warm shadow's still casted onto this band's music, on the occasion supported by the musical skills by ex-Clan of Xymox lyricist Frank Weyzig and Rob Keijzer, is able to haunt listener's ear just like a web crafted by an expert spider. Sad acoustic rock ballads whose firing melodic lines are augmented and fed by melancholic feelings and lofty sentiments, emerging from lyrics, which even if don't really reach the peaks and the spiritual highlands discovered by Adrian, sound fully inspired and sometimes look like Adrian's thoughts and dialogues between his soul and the spider biting his mind since the introductory Love or just Loveless ('¦words like 'This everlasting fire/Came down with you my friend/I saw the lights of heaven/Before I saw the end ' sound like a grateful farewell to all the musicians, artists and common people who had get in touch with Adrian's soul'¦) and Wildest Horse ' maybe the best song of this album together with the moving Glittering Green. That's the reason why even the circumstance that the velvety Carlo's voice seems wallowing in pain and depression and the fact that sometimes lyrics insist considerably on some clichés of the genre makes sense and looks like a sort of reunion with Adrian's soul. Intense guitar lines are enriched by piano touches and backing vocals, both of them being elements highlighting the pathos of the whole album and I can easily imagine Adrian's nodding at these guys when he magically reappears in Foreign Land, an edited and re-arranged version of Love Is Such A Foreign Land, a track issued on Adrian's last somewhat prophetical album The Last Days Of The Rain Machine. It's like he lives again'¦

Rating: 4 stars out of 5



Gothronic - webzine
by Nightporter
April 10 - 2010

White Rose Transmission is best known as the collaboration between Carlo van Putten (The Convent, Dead Guitars) and Adrian Borland (The Sound) during the second half of the 90s. This line-up produced two albums until Adrian's untimely death in 1999. White Rose Transmission was revived a few years later by Carlo van Putten and Rob Keijzer. The decision was made to record a new album with the help of guest musicians. Renowned artists such as Mark Burgess (The Chameleons) and Marty Willson-Piper (The Church) helped to shape the album Bewitched & Bewildered that came out in 2006. Spiders In The Mind Web is chapter number two of White Rose Transmission 2.0. It features yet another line-up and is now augmented by Frank Weyzig (Born For Bliss, ex-Clan Of Xymox). The result is a sober album in a singer-songwriter manner with a strong emphasis on (acoustic) guitar and vocals with added touches of bass, piano, percussion and keyboards. This makes Spiders In The Mind Web a stylistic cousin of Bewitched & Bewildered. A brittle, shadowy atmosphere is radiated throughout the album with "Wildest horses" and "Glittering green" as the, arguably, most alluring songs. Adrian Borland is hailed with the inclusion of "Foreign land" that features Adrian on vocals. It is an edited and re-arranged version of "Love is such a foreign land", a song that appeared on Adrian's final album The Last Days Of The Rain Machine. With Spiders In The Mind Web the legacy of White Rose Transmission and Adrian Borland is continued and preserved with care.

Grade: 7.9



by Deven Gadula
November 15 - 2010

This album brings a certain mood which I find to be very novel, specific, relaxing and satisfying. Its structure consists of either ambient atmospheric synthesizer or keyboard created background or of an acoustic guitar riff base or both. Upon this background come very peaceful and emotional voice line and an unforgettable sound of electric guitar arrangements of a very unique style. To me the spirit of the entire album can be summarized so well by its very specific middle song, Lifeboat. Neither the song nor the album are for everyone, but many of us will be drawn to the...human aspect of this creation, to some underlying feeling at least I am sensing, that we are in it all together.

The strength and beauty of atmosphere Spiders In The Mind Web bring upon us have as much to do with Carlo Van Putten's phenomenal voice and its artful implementation as they have with Frank Weyzig's song writing and production talents. Rob Kejizer's acoustic guitar style fits perfectly in. Both Carlo and Frank have been with us for a long time. Carlo's band Convent was a part of the same seen as Clan Of Xymox where Frank had started his professional musicianship back in 1984. Carlo's musical involvement with legendary Adrian Borland of The Sound brought us White Rose Transmission back in 1995. His other band Dead Guitars has released a few albums in the latest 7 years. Frank's Born For Bliss albums as well as his Stargazing and other film music projects contain some very good music as well. However, to me personally, their brilliant collaboration on this album Spiders In The Mind Web supersedes all their other efforts. I really hope they focus their energy onto this partnership because it seems like their talents fit together amazingly well. I am very attracted to the human aspect of simple phrases Carlo uses in many songs. Yes, often these are just collections of sound bites rather than meaningful lyrics of profound complexity but they have this pure human heart quality to them. For about 25 years Frank Weyzig has been one of my personal favorite guitarists. Some of his electric passages take me somewhere in between Mike Oldfield's Ommadawn and the style of David Gilmour, a quite perfect place. It is not surprising that both of these guitarists had a major influence on Frank.

My favorite songs of this album are quite different from one another. Again, I love the Lifeboat Frank has created by unusual means, but I do realize that most of us will prefer other, much stronger songs. The strength of Wildest Horse comes in terms of its evolving composition, Frank's guitar based mood creation capabilities and Carlo's phenomenal voice line. Glittering Green might be full of clichés or in Carlo's words a 'lyrical circus' but its music is beautiful and it transitions into Fire Flies in quite a phenomenal way. I would recommend listening to Glittering Green, Fire Flies, Foreign Land and No More continuously, because they truly bring on a spectacular journey. Foreign Land is a song of historical proportions, because it was written by Adrian Borland of The Sound right before his suicide. Adrian sings the song rearranged and brought back to life by Frank. To me this entire album could be that spectacular journey if it did not contain World In The Whirlpool in its present form and especially Disconnected, which I find myself disconnected from.

I know that there are 2 months left in 2010 and I am looking forward to the music still coming our way. However, I have to say honestly that I hoped for more from many albums I had really anticipated. Music by The National (which I still like quite a bit), Arcade Fire, No-Man, Demians, Pineapple Thief, RPWL did not meet my high expectations. Spiders In The Web Mind could very well become one of my most favorite releases of 2010, next to Cloud Cult's Light Chasers, a completely different piece of music which also keeps on growing on me with repetitive listening. Craig Minowa welcomes help of many talented musicians contributing to his albums. Perhaps Pieter Nooten could become your guest contributing to the next album? Remember, we are all in it together...

Rating: 5 stars out of 5



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At 6:33am on February 23, 2011, Shade Law said…
( `❀.¸ Have a Blessed
`✿.¸ )¸¸Evening ♥
At 6:19pm on February 21, 2011, Exile Pots said…

Hello and thank you very much for the add.

I hope everything goes well with the new album release, AND with those gigs!

Wishing you all the Best, and Cheers! - Exile :)

At 3:32am on February 20, 2011, Shade Law said…
Oh sooooooo breathtaking love the Music Love!
At 9:48pm on February 19, 2011, ZiLT said…

Dear White Rose Transmission,

thank you very much for adding me.

You know... the more i listen to your music, the more i get hooked  :)

Many best wishes and good luck with the release of your album.

Warm regards, Philo

At 3:35pm on February 5, 2011, The Other Side said…
Great sound, thank you

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New White Rose Transmission live album to be released soon!

 .....finally finished and uploaded the files with the final mix from our upcoming 'White Rose Transmission' live album to our label. Now ready for mastering and to be released soon! "Spinning Webs at Night". Live from Gallerie Message - Mönchengladbach - Germany last year...

here you can watch a clip from the same live…


Posted on January 21, 2011 at 12:00am


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